Argo Navis School

Argo Navis School - Promoting a Nurturing Environment for Learning

Argo Navis is a school that caters to preschool, middle school, and elementary students. Located in the mid-Wilshire district, Los Angeles and Playa Vista, the school utilizes modern technology and resources to meet student needs in an engaging and interactive way. A core vision of the learning process at Argo Navis is for students to find joy in learning.

Learning at Argo Navis encourages students to ask questions and develop a love for learning. It provides an environment that fosters age-appropriate risk-taking, values collaboration and partnerships, promotes respect for people and responsibility as citizens, and integrates outdoor learning. The school also incorporates educational standards such as the California Computer Science Standards, the International Society for Technology in Education, and the World Language California Standards.

At Argo Navis, education is applied in two ways - individual learning and project-based learning. Individual learning is aimed at recognizing the unique gifts and learning processes of individual students. Thus, to allow students to learn at their own pace, the school conducts various assessments and partners with families to create an ideal learning environment for them. The project-based learning, on the other hand, allows students to apply classroom knowledge to the real world through a student-led and teacher-facilitated curriculum.

Argo Navis School

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Argo Navis School
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